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Northern Lights

Beyond Human

Tales of the New Us

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A science fiction anthology edited by Emma Berglund, Jason Clor, Vera M. Key and Rohan O'Duill.

Paperback and ebook. 500 pages.

Note: all proceeds from the sale of this book benefit The World Literacy Foundation.

They may soon live among us: cyborgs, genetically-enhanced humans, interspecies hybrids, androids, artificial intelligences, aliens in disguise. How will they feel and act toward their human siblings? How will humans react to them? And how will all our lives change as a result?

These questions are answered in 22 short stories by amazing authors in Beyond Human: Tales of the New Us, the second anthology form Lower Deck Press. What awaits at the intersection of the strange and the familiar is … Beyond Human.

Beyond Human: Tales of the New Us features short stories from Emma Berglund, Briana Bedore, Jason Clor, A. Raven Demory, Greg Derrickson, Duncan Ellis, Amber Forbes, Vera M. Key, Jim W. Lai, Tiffanie LaMonte, A. L. MacDonald, Ramona Marr, Donn Martyn, Marten Norr, B. K. Ntouris, Rohan O’Duill, Anna Otto, RLNPK, Rachel A. Rosen, S. A. Sackinger, Wendy Wee, and Ben Winter.

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