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A New Year's Treat

Announcing a special promo for Into the Unknown, an update about our next publication, and a very special audio treat!


Into the Unknown promo

Anyone who hasn't yet checked out Into the Unknown: A Science Fiction Anthology has the opportunity this weekend to read it for free on Amazon from January 14th to 16th.


Anthology #2 gets a name

We're excited to announce that our next publication—a new anthology of short science fiction due for release in Spring 2023—now has a title and theme.

Beyond Human: Tales of the New Us will feature stories about the divide between humanity and enhanced humans, cyborgs, artificial intelligences, aliens, and other not-quite-human sentient beings. With over 20 authors lined up to contribute, we anticipate a rich variety of thoughtful stories, interesting characters and fascinating themes.

Stay turned for more information about this exciting anthology as its release date approaches!


"Marriage Clause" - an audio story

Finally, we're pleased to present an audio recording of "Marriage Clause," a story by H. L. Hinkle, first published in Into the Unknown.

In this story, a corporate drone takes a chance and travels far from Earth to meet a mysterious stranger she knows only from their romantic chats.

Voice performance by Briana Bedore. Audio engineering by Brooks Bedore.



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