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About Us

Lower Decks Press is an independent publisher specializing in science fiction.  Our mission is to connect readers around the world with visions of the future written by new and emerging authors.

Founded in 2021 by members of the writing group The Crew's Quarters, LDP is proud to offer new short fiction in print and electronic format.  We work with writers across the experience spectrum, and all proceeds from our publications go to support charitable causes, such as The World Literacy Foundation.

If you enjoy our offerings, we hope you'll sign up for newsletter and help spread the word.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about us, our authors or catalog.



Emma Berglund lives in a rural part of Hälsingland, Sweden, where she's often seen hammering away on adventure stories—be it steampunk or dystopian or other—unless roaming the woods on horseback.


Jason Clor transmits strange signals from his secret lair in Portland, Oregon, where he's currently hard at work on a series of science fiction novels.


Rohan O'Duill hails from just south of Dublin in Ireland and came to writing late in life. Rohan bases most of his stories in the 'Cold Verse' and can be found on all the usual social media platforms.

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