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Northern Lights

Into the Unknown

A Science Fiction Anthology

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A science fiction anthology edited by Emma Berglund, Jason Clor and Rohan O'Duill.

Paperback and ebook. 196 pages.

Note: all proceeds from the sale of this book benefit the World Literacy Foundation.

What lies beyond the known?

An anomaly in space attracts the curious and the obsessive. An artificial intelligence expresses very real needs. A civilization lives out its last days on a doomed generation ship.

From the recesses of a closet to the dark side of the Moon, from mysterious islands to alien worlds and the furthest reaches of unexplored space, join eleven authors as they explore the mysteries that lie within our technology, our universe, and ourselves.

Embark on a science fiction expedition … Into the Unknown.

Into the Unknown features eleven new short stories by up-and-coming science fiction writers.

Praise for Into the Unknown

“From distant galaxies to claustrophobic smart homes, Into the Unknown is a thrilling, thought-provoking sci-fi anthology by eleven fresh voices in the genre. These stories barrel headfirst into the mysteries, wonder, and horror that dwell just outside of the everyday. The authors’ visions are grounded in universal human experiences—the frustrations of work, the pang of long-distance romance, and the struggles of coming of age—that bring these imaginative new worlds to life. Delve into the unknown, and you just may find your new favourite author!”

Rachel A. Rosen, author of Cascade

“A terrific collection of science fiction tales, modern in its approach with some beautifully fresh writing. Nicely put together, this was a pleasure to read and enjoy.”

Jo Zebedee, author of Inish Carraig and The Abendau trilogy

“Into the Unknown is a wildly imaginative journey through the far reaches of space and into realities that are disturbingly similar to our own. These 11 stories range from tales of spacefaring intrigue to steampunk adventure to AI-gone-wrong, and there's something exciting here for every fan of speculative fiction.”

Jason Dorough, author of ‘Akithar’s Greatest Trick’

Into the Unknown includes the following short stories:

  • "Alinda" by Rohan O’Duill

  • "The Pet" by Wendy Wee

  • "Deliverance" by T. E. LaMonte

  • "Extramural" by Duncan Ellis

  • "Birds of Fortune" by Emma Berglund

  • "The Baron of the Moon" by Briana Bedore

  • "Marbles" by a. Raven Demory

  • "Oort" by S.A. Sackinger

  • "Marriage Clause" by H.L. Hinkle

  • "It's Not You, It's the Anomaly" by J.P. Reynolds

  • "Always Become" by Jason Clor

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