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The Day Has Arrived!

Lower Decks Press proudly announces the release of Beyond Human: Tales of the New Us: 22 new stories of the altered, the enhanced, the artificial and the alien.

More than six months in the making, our newest science fiction anthology represents the collective efforts of 22 writers, editors, artists and designers. Throughout 499 pages, these visionaries explore themes of discovery, change, loss, and perseverance in the face of humankind's inevitable evolution. How will we confront persons who are partially or wholly engineered? How will we react to alien invaders? What attitudes will we take toward true artificial intelligence?

Within the pages of Beyond Human, you will encounter:

  • Humans reborn inside robotic shells

  • AIs fighting for workers' rights

  • Robots inventing language and suffering abuse

  • Aliens infiltrating human institutions ... and humans themselves

  • Hybrid creatures with human minds

  • Cybernetic counselors and confidants

  • Hunters and the hunted ... at times within the same body

  • Blurred lines between the virtual and the real

  • Humans fighting for survival on an alien world

  • ...and more!

Beyond Human: Tales of the New Us—available in paperback and Kindle ebook—features stories by Emma Berglund, Briana Bedore, Jason Clor, A. Raven Demory, Greg Derrickson, Duncan Ellis, Amber Forbes, Vera M. Key, Jim W. Lai, Tiffanie LaMonte, A. L. MacDonald, Ramona Marr, Donn Martyn, Marten Norr, B. K. Ntouris, Rohan O’Duill, Anna Otto, RLNPK, Rachel A. Rosen, S. A. Sackinger, Wendy Wee, and Ben Winter.

For more information, visit the product page.


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